A project I started last year, and I thought I would post it as ‘A Stranger View – Part 2’ is just around the corner.

I set up a disposable camera on a bench on Byers Road in the West End of Glasgow.  Next to the disposable camera read a sign, “Hi!  If you don’t mind could you please use me to take a picture of anything?  My owner will be back later to collect me.  Thank you!  P.S Don’t steal, I am only a disposable!”  I then went away for 5 hours and when I returned I was very happy to see my camera was still there and that all the film had been used up.

The idea was to see how people see the world around them when they’re  restricted to a quite uninspiring place.

Thanks to everyone who took a minute out of their lives to stop, think and snap.  

Here are the results: