I am a 20-something freelance photographer from Glasgow.

Capturing the energy of a live music gig, preserving the memories of a magical wedding and daydreaming about love, life and everything in-between is what I do.

I have been doing this for about 4 years now, however I found the glowing warmth of full time employment was having quite the opposite effect by freezing my creativity and passion for photography.  Although I still have a type of day job, I actually enjoy it and in January out of the blue I found myself refreshed and bursting with inspiration.  This was sudden and I don’t know what happened entirely, but I do know that the wonderful people around me helped me without even being aware of it.

The Scottish art scene is a big inspiration to me.  It is booming at the moment and with people like Glasgow PodcART and The Pop Cop it will only get stronger.


Neil Thomas Douglas