Yesterday at 5pm I setup a disposable camera on a bench in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.

Today, I beat the refreshing April shower and collected the camera shortly after 5pm. I was so happy that nobody had stolen or damaged the camera, instead they took 27 exposures. The reason I chose Kelvingrove Park is that I wanted somewhere that changes dramatically from day to night. During the day you have jugglers, smiling couples, dogs and break dancers, and at night, well I don’t know what you have because I have not ventured in after dark.

I am really excited about the pictures especially after someone wrote on my note, “you should get sound too. 5.30 am birds going bonkers.” It will be interesting to see what they took a photograph of at 5.30 am, and I hoping it will tell us something about why they were in the park at such an early hour.

In other news, a big thank you to photographer and friend Stewart Fullerton who took time out his hectic schedule to take my picture for my new blog banner! When i was trying to describe to Stew what exactly I wanted I found it very difficult to put into words although I could see the photo in my head. Despite this Stew managed to capturing an image that was exactly the same as the one I had envisioned.

I hope you’re all having a nice relaxing long weekend,

Neil Thomas