Sometimes I have to remind myself why I chose the path of photography, it certainly was not for the money!  It was because I love it.  I love the way that you can capture a moment in time, a time that people missed or a time that people would like to be reminded of.  Sharing the way I see the world.  I was looking through my recent work and released that I had not took a photo for the love of photography in a very long time!  Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting weddings and cute wee kids however something has been missing of late so I went for a walk this evening with my camera in my hand.  I felt inspired again.  I felt the love, I felt alive, I feel proud of the end products.  It is amazing how carrying a camera around with you changes your perspective on your surroundings.  You start seeing little things that would normally pass by you; unnoticed.  You look at the world in patterns, curves and light.  You seek opportunities, you’re aware of everything around you, you notice beauty, you paint pictures in your mind, you then transfer this into a frame.


Neil Thomas