Last week I had the pleasure of taking photos of Hip Parade.

Hip Parade have just been confirmed as the support act for the UK arena Stereophonics tour and were quite rightly in very good spirits for the shoot.  They kindly gave me creative control over the concepts used in the shoot so here is what we got up to!

A relaxed start in the Rio Cafe…

Rio Cafe

Next was a fun take on the song ‘Getting Chased’ which is about growing up in Easterhouse.  

‘Getting Chased’


‘Getting Chased’


Then onto the City Barbers where the lovely hairdressers actually gave one of them a free haircut!

City Barbers


Went a bit wider with this one to include the paper and chairs, not so much a press sort, rather something that could be used for album design.


City Barbers

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And finally something cheesy…

The photos in use…


Scottish Sun


You can check Hip Parade out at www.hipparade.co.uk

Until next time…


Neil Thomas


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