I had the privilege of documenting the ‘not getting married’ party of Kirstin and Alan.  Basically a celebration of them being together without actually getting married.  Now with both of them being successful writers I thought I would give them a run for their money with my fictional pictorial story of how they met…

The Story of Kirstin and Alan

It was early evening on a cold and wet Glasgow afternoon when Kirstin was excited by the sight of a rather handsome man walking towards her.

Kirstin just had to check him out.

And that she thought she better play it cool and let Alan have a look.

This when their eyes first met.

After a long chat, Alan plucked up the courage to ask Kirstin for her phone number.

They left each other but not wanting to waste anytime Alan found the nearest phone box and gave Kirstin a call.

They met up and wandered down Argyle Street discussing where they could celebrate their new found happiness.

As they were both looking so fabulous they decided on Sloan’s Grand Ballroom.

As they waited to be seated they thought they could hear a lot of people upstairs.

To their surprise friends and family had heard how happy they were and showed up from as far away as Australia to celebrate.

Their friends brought cake,

Made speeches,

Drew pictures,

Watched them dance,

And basically had a fabulous party.


Neil Thomas Douglas


Big thanks to Alan and Kirstin for such a lovely night and for being open to my ideas.  All the best for the future.

You can check out the wonderful work of Alan Bissett here: www.alanbissett.com

And please check out Glasgow’s finest spoken word event ‘Words Per Minute’ which Kirstin co-organises here:  http://www.wordsperminute.org.uk

Until next time,


Neil Thomas