I was asked to take part in an exhibition called Eclectic Peel run by the fabulous Glasgow Podcart that sees 20 artists of all different disciplines paired to create an original piece of work based on the great John Peel.   I thought I would share the images that I made with my amazing model Lisa-Marie Ferla and also some of shots I took at the opening night.

My piece, “John Peel championed some of the most important music of the past 5 decades – music that has left footprints in the mind of many. With this frame of reference, I wanted an image that combined some of the elements that made John who he was; the vinyl, his individuality and proving essentially, with music You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

And here are some shots that were taken on the night…

A massive thanks to Halina, Sophie and the entire Glasgow Podcart team, it was so amazing to see so many artists coming together to create something so beautiful.

You can go and see the exhibition as it is open for another week at The New Barras Centre

Also check out this lovely written blog on the event at Last Year’s Girl

Neil Thomas