What a day I had at the Tramway Family Day: John Cage Musicircus 2.  With 2103 people coming through the Tramway door for this fabulous free interactive celebration of music.

I am not very good at reviewing events in words so I will let you look at my photos to get a taste of the day but if you have a little person in your life it would be simply cruel to not take them along to the next Tramway Family Day!

A big shout out to Rosemary James, the Tramway staff, the performers and everyone who came along for making this such a joy to photograph.

If you’re featured in these photos or noticed me taking a photo that you would like a copy of please send me an email at Neil[at]NeilThomasDouglas.com and I will get you a free copy.

In other news I have updated my wedding website with a new blog and new photos in the gallery section, please check it out at www.AndDoYouTake.com

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